Test dates

Check first with Kevin, or Charlie before booking any test dates or times if you are a student of theirs. Thank you.

General notes

To secure an early test date, we have recommend using “Driving Test Cancellations Now” app to help you bring your test date forward.

Genie FAQs are at the foot of this page as to how this service works.

Step One. In the first instance, book your practical test using this DVSA official site http://www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test and settle for whatever date they offer being careful to choose the test centre that has been agreed between you and your instructor.

Step Two. Once you have secured a test date and want to bring it forward, then use https://driving-test-cancellations-now.co.uk/ to secure at a highly competitive discounted rate and at a much earlier test date. This will save you weeks of waiting and have someone else find you an earlier test  so you don’t have to  waste your time; it couldn’t be easier!

When booking your test, ignore the request for our ADI reference number; it’s of no consequence as it only applies to those driving schools who register for the system to avoid pupils double booking the same car at the same time; generally used by the largest national driving schools with hundreds of instructors nationally. But since we are working closely together, that isn’t going to happen if the above times and dates are referred to first, or text or call your instructor if unsure before booking.

We will make our car available for you to take your test in as it’s familiar to you being the same vehicle you have had instruction in and ensure to bring with you your PLASTIC licence and your theory test pass certificate otherwise the examiners will not be able to conduct your test!!

Having said this re the theory test certificate, we have yet to ever witness any pupil of ours being asked to show the certificate, but if you haven’t actually lost it, bring it with you!

Watch this video to help show you what is involved in the current test format.

The test lasts approximately 38 to 40 minutes but allow at least a 2.5 hour booking so we can settle you and prepare you before the test and then drive you home.

Genie FAQ

How does our service work?

We are checking the DVSA Test website constantly to search for cancellations. When we find a cancellation at a Test Centre that you have specified, you will receive a text message on your mobile from with the date and time of the cancellation.

How long does it take to find an earlier test?

We find that 65% of our customers get an earlier test date within 3 weeks.

Do I need to have a booked test to use the services?

Yes, you need to book a test on whatever date is available through the DVSA website http://www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test. With the reference number you are given we can the search for earlier alternatives and send them to you.

How many times can I change the date of my test?

You are allowed to change the date of your test up to 6 times without having to pay again. After that, you must cancel your test and apply for a new one. With the new reference you can then change your date a further 6 times.

How long must I wait after a failed exam?

After a failed exam you can rebook as soon as you want but the new test date has to be at least 10 days from the date of your previous test though the DVSA are now considering extending this to 30 days!.

We hope that assists you,

best wishes

 Kevin, and Charlie

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