Refresher Courses

Many after passing their test don’t necessarily have a car and some time may pass before they can afford to buy one and insure it or they live somewhere like London where many simply don’t need to drive until they move out of the area.

A Star Driving School offer a comprehensive course beginning with a 2 hour assessment to identify with the full licence holder what they feel they need and aspects where they have a lack of confidence. Agreement is reached between the instructor and the full licence holder as  to a suitable program tailored to their needs together with some idea of how many hours may be needed.

These are carried out in an informal manner to make it fun and as well as focused to ensure when the full licence holder returns to the public roads, they feel absolutely confident, safe and secure.

Here is what some of our pupils have to say about this course;

Mirela Lacatus – Haslemere – a refresher course

“I have my driving license about 8 years, but I didn’t drive too much, so I needed some refresher lessons because of my new job where I must drive and because I was learned to drive on the right side (being from Romania). At a recommendation of a friend, I called Andrew who, with a lot of patience, humour, calm and support helped me to develop my driving skills (specially on the left side  ) and most important, my self-confidence. Now  I am confident, independent and for me it’s a pleasure to drive! So THANK YOU Andrew for being so good, patient and calm with me!!!

Andrew is brilliant instructor so I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!!!”

Raffaella R of Woking (full name requested to be withheld)

“After not haven driven for several years, I decided to take refresher lessons with Andrew who was friendly, patient, well-organised and experienced and also placed a huge emphasis on SAFETY. The lessons turned out to be worthwhile and I am now more confident about driving safely.

I would definitely recommend Andrew to anyone wanting to learn to drive”

Aimee West of Portsmouth

“From my first refresher lesson, Andrew was a very understanding instructor whilst continuously maintaining a professional manner but with a friendly approach that instantly put me at ease. I was extremely nervous as had not driven in over four years but after four refresher lessons I felt my confidence grow and I felt that I had come on leaps and bounds with my driving.  I now have my first car and after a few times out and about with my husband feel very happy being on the roads!”