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Firstly, before you do anything else, whether you are about to start driving, are currently under instruction or have passed your test, I urge you to use this site; it could well save your life –

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The original driving test in the 1930s

For some light humour do watch this 1935 promotional film when the first driving tests were launched and see how many driver faults you can identify!!

The humour is classic!

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In 1935 the driving test became compulsory in the UK. Ford made this film, with commentary by Sir Malcolm Campbell, to reassure would-be drivers that the test was not something to fear. His commentary is witty and the film shows some of the hazards a new motorist might expect to encounter on the roads of the 1930s.

Practice your theory test

Practical driving test as explained by the DSA

Advice and explanation covering both the theory and practical test

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