Parents Reviews

Georgina Hales.

My daughter Georgina had a block of lessons with Andrew before she turned sixteen at Dunsfold.  She gained so much from her time with Andrew and was confident to hit the road running once she was 17. Andrew was patient and has a real empathy with his students.   It took my daughter just 8 weeks to pass her test first time and with only 2 minors.  She is over the moon we cannot thank you enough Andrew.

Rebecca Knight

My son Isaac passed his test on his first attempt this week. Jeremy is a patient and knowledgeable instructor. We can’t recommend him enough.

Issac Knight

Isaac Knight

Jenny and Colin Curtis of Haslemere

Jenny and I are delighted that, under Andrew’s skilful guidance, our daughters Lizzie (19) and Catherine (17) each passed the driving test last week. Andrew prepared them thoroughly and kept them as calm and confident as possible on the day; but he also took care to make sure that they were ready to drive safely after the test had been passed. We were grateful for the flexibility he showed and his willingness to arrange lessons to fit the girls’ needs, in relation to both time and location, offering to pick them up from and return them to school or home – or, when it was most convenient, Guildford Station. We would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone in the area looking for a first class driving instructor.

Lizzie Curtis             Catherine Curtis

Lizzie and Catherine

Victoria Fraser of Milford

Andrew has been a fantastic instructor for my daughter Caitlin Farrell. He was reliable, calm, organised and gave her the confidence she needed to drive on the busy roads!! Thank you Andrew, she is a safe and careful driver and very much enjoyed learning with you.

Caitlin Farrell

Caitlin Farrell

Lori Miller

My son has just passed his driving test first time with Jeremy as his instructor. Can’t recommend the driving school enough. Jeremy is such a great instructor, very calming and encouraging. A real genuine people’s person who’s personality you naturally warm to and he is a natural with teenagers. My son enjoyed every lesson with him and he prepared him so well for his test and future driving. I’m already recommending Jeremy to friends 🙂 Thank you

Andy Krauze.

Excellent tuition from a very patient and skilled instructor. After a swift evaluation, Jeremy assessed our son’s driving needs and got straight to work on his manoeuvres with no time wasted. Every lesson was structured and extremely productive and our son gained confidence quickly and actually looked forward to his lessons. Subsequently, he was 100% ready for his test when the time came, with the complete confidence and skills required to pass with ease. Highly recommended, many thanks to Jeremy. We are all delighted with the result and most importantly, the secure knowledge that our son has learnt to be a safe and competent driver.
Regards Andy and Jo

From Sherryn and Adrian Crucefix of Milford

“Andrew came highly recommended to us and we have already passed that recommendation on! Andrew was very patient and gave our son the confidence he needed. He has been extremely supportive and has taught Harry how to become a safe and independent driver. We will be phoning Andrew again when the time comes for our other two sons to learn to drive. Thank you Andrew!”

Harry Crucefix

Harry Crucefix

From Jayne and Neil MacCallum of Haslemere

Andrew has been nothing but patient, kind and reliable when teaching Georgia to drive, lessening the stress felt for all of us! So thank you Andrew, Georgia is very happy and so are we.

Georgia MacCallum

From Simon King of Witley

“We could not recommend Andrew highly enough. He has taught two of our kids and both have passed under his tutelage. Our eldest daughter initially had another instructor who did not instil her with any confidence and progressed very slowly. Not only did Andrew rectify this situation but he also taught her to be a very able driver. Obviously with our son we went straight to Andrew and from his initial off-road lesson up until his test he progressed very steadily and smoothly. He has also successfully taught a number of our friends’ children as well. Andrew is a calm, reliable and extremely pleasant person and I have been particularly impressed with his ability to teach how to be a good driver and not just get you through your test. there is no need to look elsewhere”.

Annabella King 2           Theo King

Annabella King                                                   Theo King

From Michelle and Nick Brown of Haslemere

“ We would highly recommend Andrew from A Star Driving for anyone learning to drive. Our son found him extremely professional, supportive, calm, patient and reassuring. He has taught Olly how to be a safe and considerate driver, and given him the confidence to become an independent driver too. Through his expert knowledge and experience Andrew has made Olly’s driving experience thoroughly enjoyable and given him the ability to handle a car safely on the roads. Andrew is also very reliable with a kind and thoughtful manner. Thank you Andrew!”

Olly Brown

From Janie Jackson of Balls Cross Nr Petworth

“I would recommend Andrew Widgery from A Star driving highly.  He has taught 2 of my daughters now and they both passed first time.  He is very kind and reassuring.  He is incredibly reliable and I will be trusting my youngest daughter with him when the time comes”.

Issy Jackson                                                    Zoe Jackson


From Rowan Gerrad of Chiddingfold

“We found Andrew as we were looking for lessons at Dunsfold before driving on the roads and then realised many friends had used him for their children too.

He’s very calm, gives simple and clear instructions and Gaby enjoyed all her lessons with him.  She started with 2 x 2 hour sessions at Dunsfold and was then successfully on the roads and with careful and thoughtful instruction she was ready for her test after a few months and passed first time. She is a careful and considerate driver who I have real faith in behind the wheel and that’s all down to Andrew. Thank you Andrew!

I will use Andrew again for my other children and highly recommend him”.

Gaby Gerrard

From Sally Neaves of Liphook

We found Andrew searching online and the fact he has daughters of his own really appealed as we hoped he’d know how to deal with our daughter learning to drive as she was so nervous and didn’t enjoy driving to begin with. He thankfully knew how to deal with her in a patient, professional, compassionate and caring manner and helped her overcome all the hurdles along the way. The day she passed with just two minors, we were all so proud of her and a big part of her success has to go to Andrew and his driving tuition skills.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Andrew to anyone.

Jessica Neaves


Rose McQuoid of Headley

“After searching the Internet for hours looking for a driving Instructor, and losing the will to live, as well as hearing various horror stories from unhappy parents, Andrew came highly recommended by a friend!
He taught my daughter Sabrina over 4 months, and she passed 1st time at the Farnborough Test Centre. The biggest trust you put in anybody is handing your son/daughter over to their care, especially when it comes to learning to drive safely on the road. I really cannot recommend him highly enough! He is an excellent instructor! He has taught my daughter to drive carefully and safely, with flexible lesson times, whilst making her lessons an enjoyable experience. She has flourished under his professional tuition, benefiting from his varied and expert  knowledge of the roads, test practises, patience and calmness. Never once, before or after a lesson,  did Sabrina seem stressed, even prior to her test, as she felt so well prepared! We were extremely lucky to find him! My younger daughter is now waiting impatiently in the wings….don’t go anywhere Andrew!!”

Sabrina McQuoid


Charlotte Maude of Haslemere

“Andrew took on my daughter Izzie after she’d failed for the 2nd time with another instructor. From the word go it was clear that the reason she’d failed was because she just hadn’t been prepared properly. She came back from her first lesson with Andrew full of all the new things she’d learnt and really enthused about ‘relearning’ how to drive properly – her confidence having been severely dented by 2 fails.  But what came over to me most, as a parent, was that Andrew wasn’t just teaching her to drive. He was also teaching her how to pass the test, but most importantly, he was teaching her how to drive SAFELY which, as a parent, is all you really want.

This is more than backed up by the fact that he very generously offers every pupil who passes a free 2 hour lesson on motorway driving – surely worth its weight in gold. As a father of 4 girls, I felt he more than understood how to get through to teenagers and Izzie really looked forward to her lessons with him as a result.

But the proof of the pudding came last week when, thanks to Andrew, Izzie flew through her test without a single mistake for her driving – Zero minors; apparently a rarity.

I just wish we’d found him when she first turned 17 and hadn’t wasted our money on poor instructors who not only couldn’t teach properly but also just didn’t really care about their pupils.

I’ll definitely be using him for my two younger boys – I really couldn’t recommend him highly enough. An enormous Thank-you Andrew!”

Izzie Maude.


Hilary Bates of Slinfold.

Releasing your baby onto the roads to hurtle along in a small tin can amongst the worlds mad bad drivers is a rather scary thing!  My daughter Charlotte had a great start, learning to handle a car very well at Mercedes World on and off since she was 14.  However, getting on the roads was a very different matter. I hadn’t quite realised that it’s one thing to be able to ‘drive’ but quite another to be able to handle everything that goes on around you on real roads.  We confidently thought ‘a few lessons to learn how to actually pass the test, and some practice will be all she needs‘.  We found an instructor, and within a couple of months she took her test.  She failed.

Turns out she had no problem handling and driving the car, but actually she’d not been shown how to be safe. Her confidence was at rock bottom, and I wondered if she’d ever feel happy to get in the car again!   Then we found Andrew!   Within minutes he had reassured her and built up her self confidence again, quickly resolved the few issues she had, and I can confidently say enabled her to become a SAFE driver.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew – he knows the difference between enabling you to just pass the test and being a safe and confident driver. He produced the latter. Thank you Andrew!

Charlotte Corteil

Jacky Davis of Bagshot.

He should call himself St Andrew, as a worried parent entrusting my daughter to hit the roads was always going to be a stressful time.

But what can I say that hasn’t already been mentioned before, Andrew was a lifesaver, his calm and thorough approach enabled my normally shy child to embrace driving positively and encouraged her when like most children they have a ‘blip’ lesson to refocus and rise to the challenge.

One of A*’s major strengths was the feedback both verbal and via email . It gave us as parents the ability to understand the processes and also acknowledge what stages she was at and what to practice.

Now she has passed, her independence and confidence behind the wheel has blossomed;  we couldn’t have got there without Andrew, he had a true bond with her and appreciated her character. His encouragement was outstanding and I would recommend him to everyone.!!!

Victoria Davis