Here is a list of some of the more Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our students benefit from the use of Blind Spot mirrors fitted to our instructors cars and ask where they can purchase the same from so they can use them on their own car. They greatly assist you seeing the kerb or parking bay lines when undertaking a manoeuvre; highly recommended.

This link will take you direct and offer such great value.

Am I guaranteed to pass at the end of a course of  driving lessons?

All tests are conducted independently by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and so there is no guarantee of passing first time with ANY driving school but we achieve well above the national average of first time passes.

We endeavour to get you through your driving test successfully by teaching you around the test routes used at your local test centres, mock testing and giving you systems and procedures to follow.

Can I book my theory test before my provisional licence arrives?

Unfortunately you cannot book any test without receipt of your provisional licence as you need your personal identification number to book one.


Do I need to have passed my theory test before I start an driving course?

The answer to this question depends up on the number of hours and over what time period you wish to assign driving course. For those pupils wishing to do approximately 10 hours worth of lessons then it is advisable to have done the theory test first so that you can book your practical test and organise the lessons accordingly. However, for those pupils wishing to do a bulk of lessons or wishing to do the course over a longer period of time, then it is not essential to have passed your theory test first.

How do I pay for my driving lessons?

To pay for your driving lessons, please pay us directly. There are two ways to pay for lessons: either cash or on-line and paid directly to your instructor.


Can I have lessons in my own car?

We generally would not teach in non-dual controlled cars for safety reasons. However, we may make exceptions to this depending on level of ability of the pupil. Please ask when booking.


Can I be picked up from one place and be dropped off at another?

As we offer a flexible service we are often able to pick up and drop off pupils at their chosen destinations. However, please inform us in good time so that we can plan this into our schedule.


Can my parents teach me to drive

It is important to appreciate that when your parents were taught, they were taught very differently. In time, what was taught may in certain aspects be forgotten as they develop their own style and manner which might not be aligned to the current preferred methods of safe driving.

However if a parent is willing to sit with you to provide additional driving experience on the road, that can be an invaluable and complimentary element to help accelerate your progress. There is no substitute to having time behind the wheel of the car. However, without the correct structure and procedures to safe driving being imparted from the start, spending more time with a parent particularly in your early stages of development than your instructor, might develop poor habits which are then sometimes difficult to undo !


What will I need to bring to my first driving lesson?

You will need to bring your provisional driving licence with you to your first driving lesson. You are also required to read a car number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres so please bring with you glasses if you believe you would not be able to do this without them.


I’ve never driven before and I’m extremely nervous what will I do on my first driving lesson?

We understand that you will be nervous at driving for the first time and to help you with this we will take you to a quiet location, explain the controls of the car and allow you to get used to the vehicle before driving on major roads. Only when you feel ready to advance to the major roads will we do.


How long will it take me to reach practical driving test standard?

The DVSA advises students take a minimum of 45 hours worth of professional tuition combined with at least 22 hours of private practice. We understand that this is different for each student and will depend on the frequency of driving lessons and ability to learn. We will endeavour to get you up to practical driving test standard in the shortest time possible.


How long does the practical driving test last?

The practical driving test lasts approximately 40 minutes and will entail driving on different types of roads with various road conditions. In addition to this you will be asked to perform one reversing manoeuvre and potentially an emergency stop exercise and you will be asked to drive independently for approximately 10 minutes when following  road signs and up to 20 minutes when following a SatNav. We  will ensure that you are well prepared for all aspects of the practical driving test giving you the best chance possible of passing.


Which car will I take my practical driving test in?

You are able to take the practical driving test in your own car if you have one. To do this your car must be in a road worthy condition, have L-plates visible from the front and back of the car and a further interior mirror for the examiner’s use. However, most students prefer to take the practical driving test in their driving instructor´s car as this is the car that they will be most used to. Please be aware certain privately owned cars are not permitted to be used on a practical driving test. If you are planning to take your practical driving test in your own car, please check with the DVSA that your car is suitable. To use the instructor’s car on test, you will need to reserve at least 2 hours. This gives you time to get to the test area before your test to run through everything and then the time for the test itself and then the drive home.