Test passes

Congratulations to the following A Star Driving School pupils

Role of honour for the following – WELL DONE YOU FOR PASSING your Practical driving test!

(Click on the photo to see it properly)

Imogen Sparrow of Chiddingfold


Ella Wilkinson of Shamley Green, Guildford



Lucy Lines of  Godalming



Jordan Wilson of Farnham



Naomi Bradshaw of Godalming



Chris Stevenson of Grayshott



Sam Maude of Haslemere



James Cornelius of Haslemere


Sharnice Doel of Whitehill


Euan Middleton of Haslemere


Emma Harridge of Chiddingfold


Zoe Jackson of Balls Cross, Petworth


Paige Locurto of Godalming


Harry Brook Barnet of Haslemere


Niamh Cartwright of Godalming


Harriet Dunscombe of Godalming


Annabella King of Witley, Godalming


Susie Kelly of Haslemere


Max Shorrock-Gent of Chiddingfold


Huw David of Haslemere


Hannah Reed of Godalming


Dan Cooper of Churt, Haslemere


Scarlett Hawkins of Lurgashall, Haslemere


Ashley Lizamore of Godalming


Annabel Williams of Guildford


Hannah Chilvers of Haslemere


Carys Newbury of Guildford


Kiah Wright – Godalming


Jade Brindley -Haslemere


Lucy Pierce – Shillinglee, Haslemere


Elspeth Titely – Liss, Petersfield


Emma Turner – Witley, Godalming


Emma Willoughby – Guildford


Jamie Scott – Haslemere


Sam Jennings – Guildford


Megan Hamby – Milford


Ella Middleton – Liss


Jack Young – Slindfold


Toby Ash – Northchapel


Sabrina McQuoid – Churt


Natasha Blackledge – Woking


Gareth Behn – East Horsely, Guildford


Ben Lacatus – Haslemere


Jasper Taylor – Grayswood, Haslemere


Calum Syrett – Loxwood


Maisie Hunter – Plaistow, Godalming


Sam Cullen – West End, Guildford


Sophie Gore – Milford, Godalming


Rachel Hutchison – Churt, Nr Haslemere


Cameron Sampson – Bagshot


Rohit Kanwara – Farnborough


Ria Das – Farnborough


Izzie Maude – Haslemere


Sara Darbayeva – Guildford


Sophie Clements – Guildford


Maddy McKinnon – Woking


Charlotte Lennox – Bagshot


Laura Cross – Farnborough


Stephen Hobson – Effingham


Maddy McKinnon – Woking


Charlotte Corteil – Slindfold


Rachel Lismore Burns – Guildford


Elena Baker – Guildford


Victoria Davis – Bagshot


Andrew Farley – Guildford


Karina Steward – Guildford


Beth Speller – Godalming


Leah Pilgrim – Guildford


Paul Jones – Godalming


Lara Murphy – Woking

Rebecca Eden – Farnborough

Christina Axson Johnson – Bramley

Debbie Marlow – Farnborough

Chelsea Mather – Lightwater

Kim Heckey – Knaphill

Remi Somoye – Camberley

Javier Montero – Guildford

Joely Hunter – Plaistow

Millie O’Neill – Guildford

Helen Finn – Guildford

Sophie Redman Winter – Witley

Edward Hewett – Lurgeshall

Tara Prasad – Guildford

Ria Willoughby – Guildford

Lydia Matthews – Haslemere

Rebecca Murphy – Woking

Tierney Oliver – Chiddingfold

Lauren Stone – Haslemere