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Kevin Trimming has lived in the Guildford area for many years so he knows the roads very well and the test routes too, not that we keep just to those roads as when you pass your test, you will need to be well equipped to deal with any roads and different traffic conditions.

Here is what some of our Guildford pupils have said about our instruction after passing their practical driving test

Annabel Williams of St Catherines School, Bramley, Guildford

“I have been driving with Andrew since October until passing my test first time in the Easter holidays and I have enjoyed every moment of learning to drive. Andrew made me feel comfortable in the car and was able to help me learn to control the clutch to do a hill start in the first lesson and by the next week I found myself driving, from my school in Bramley, to Cranleigh which was extremely exciting! Even though I could get extremely frustrated at myself whilst driving or performing a manoeuvre, Andrew would always stay calm to help me focus. I was able to gain confidence quickly and felt more than ready to take my test when the time came. I am now able to drive safely and confidently to and from school everyday which cuts out the long bus journey that I had to sit through every morning and evening-thank you Andrew!”

Sam Jennings – Guildford

“Andrew is a very patient and efficient tutor. He works around your times so even if you could always be busy during the day, he would be around in the evening. He has the right approach with manoeuvres, they are an important aspect so he says its best to start straight away which is perfect. There’s always good feedback after each lesson so you know where your at and know what to improve. Driving is a massive part of everyday life and who better than Andrew to give you that life skill?”

Angelo Mikhael – Guildford

“Andrew is a great driving instructor, who is professional and highly experience, which made it easy for me as his student to learn some of the harder parts of driving, such as manoeuvres. As well as his great teaching methods he is also a very pleasant, friendly and funny, so there is a good atmosphere to learn in. Unlike other instructors I have had, Andrew always remains calm and collective which makes the whole experience a whole lot easier. I would give him a 5 Star rating, as I cannot fault him and do not know what else to expect from a driving instructor”

Gareth Behn – East Horsely, Guildford

“I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Andrew,  never feeling under pressure or ill at ease. He came highly recommended to me by my cousin, and I was not disappointed; Andrew is cool, calm and collected and explains everything clearly. He does not just prepare you for the test, but also for years of independent driving afterwards. He is also very flexible with lesson times, and communication is excellent. Thanks very much Andrew!”

Sophie Clements of Guildford

“Having been transferred to Andrew from another driving instructor, followed by a long break from driving, I was slightly apprehensive. However, Andrew quickly put me at ease and made things seem so much simpler. He was always patient, even when I needed things explaining several times or kept making the same mistakes! His calm nature and good sense of humour always put me at ease whilst building my confidence.

Andrew was very accommodating to fit around my work schedule and most importantly was reliable, starting lessons on time and making full use of the 2 hour lessons.”

Rachel Lismore Burns of Guildford

“I was very nervous before learning to drive but actually really loved learning with Andrew. He is a very good teacher and was always patient with me whilst I was getting to grips with everything. As any learner driver will tell you, there are times when it may be quite stressful but Andrew was wonderful at calming me down and talking me through everything. I am very glad that I learnt with Andrew as I feel I am a confident driver now and have a very positive attitude towards driving.”

Elena Baker of Guildford

‘Thank you very much Andrew, you are an excellent and very patient teacher. Being Russian, the road regulations are different here and you helped me develop the skills required for these new situations. You communicated all of the instructions clearly and always made the lessons interesting and fun’. Mark Baker added “ I would also like to thank you; Elena always looked forward to her lessons and was very pleased with your style of teaching. I really think she misses her lessons now!”

Andrew Farley of Guildford

“I had been learning to drive with my parents for a few months before I started having lessons with Andrew, but he was very quick to assess the level I was at and then decide the best way to further my driving ability. He was very calm and reassuring at all times, and gave me the confidence to pass my test first time after just 20 hours of lessons. He was very easy to contact and extremely flexible with lesson times, which made it even easier for me to fit around my other commitments.  I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew, as he was an excellent driving instructor.”

Christina Axson Johnson of Bramley, Guildford (St Catherine’s School)

“Andrew was the most fantastic instructor, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is very calm and supportive, and makes sure the student fully understands instructions that have been given. I could easily book lessons which would fit around my timetable, and getting in contact with Andrew was fast and never a problem. I cannot thank him enough for making me the driver I am today and to have passed my test without a single fault. He definitely is a 10 out of 10.”

Milly (Melinda) O’Neil of Guildford

“I came to Andrew after my first instructor left to pursue a different career. Initially I chose Andrew as the hourly rate was very competitive. I started having lessons with Andrew at a difficult time in my life. For this, he showed great sensitivity and patience which was essential to building a good working relationship.

Andrew demonstrated the patience of a saint with me! Having already had lessons before coming to him, I had to re-learn a couple of things, which took time but are now firmly installed! He was quick to work out when I was frustrated and was able to keep the belief that I could pass my test when I was feeling defeated. This was invaluable as I wanted to give up many times.

I believe Andrew and I had a good rapport. This was important as it allowed us to laugh at times, which was important to me as it led to a relaxing lesson, rather than something tense and stressful.

His attention to detail was excellent and his knowledge around driving was very sound. He was able to answer all my questions, explaining them until I understood them fully. Due to working shift work, Andrew also showed flexibility with me in arranging lessons; this was invaluable when it came to my test date.

I am now driving and feel pretty confident about it. This is due largely to Andrew being a conscientious instructor. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a Driving Instructor.”

Ria Willoughby of Guildford

“My driving instructor Andrew was brilliant and he made me find belief in myself that I could drive. I was so nervous before each lesson, but he would make me feel at ease. I had never driven before so when I look back, I can’t believe how far I came in such a short space of time. Knowing that Andrew was there supporting me and showing me how to be a good, safe, confident driver made me improve each lesson. I am over the moon that I passed first time and I know I couldn’t have done that without Andrew. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend Andrew again!”

Javier Montero of Guildford

“I have been learning to drive on and off since 1999 and so over the years I have had quite a few instructors.  I would definitely say that Andrew is by far the best I’ve learned with.  He was is clearly passionate about teaching and his enthusiastic, methodical and above all patient approach really helped me to finally pass my test after 13 years as a learner.  I felt that Andrew did a great job of not just getting me through my driving test but also of preparing me to become a confident and safe independent driver afterwards.  I would say that he is a fantastic instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone.”