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We have lived in the local area since the launch of our successful driving school since 2012, so we know the roads very well and the test routes too, not that we keep just to those roads as when you pass your test, you will need to be well equipped to deal with any roads and different traffic conditions

Here is what some of our Haslemere pupils have said about our instruction after passing their practical driving test

Holly Shellard of Fernhurst, Haslemere

‘I could not have asked for a better driving instructor than Andrew! Driving did not come easily to me, but Andrew throughout remained calm, encouraging and supporting. He prepared me for the exam and everyday driving for once I had passed making me a confident and safe driver. I would highly recommend him to anyone and it’s definitely an A* driving school!! Thanks Andrew! ‘

Josh Terry of Haslemere

“Andrew was a great driving instructor, although he was very thorough and knew all the techniques I would say the greatest feature Andrew had was the determination to get me to pass the test. I hated the driving test experience, and sometimes I thought that I was never going to pass however, Andrew made this experience a lot less stressful than it could have been; he was always up for giving a last minute lesson at short notice and would make sure that you understood every detail when driving so that I could do things confidently. All in all a great driving instructor, also good value for money as I passed with just 28 hours of lesson time. Thank you”.

Euan Middleton of Haslemere

‘Andrew was a great instructor, always helpful and patient. His style of teaching kept me calm, and his teaching of manoeuvres was especially good. I would really recommend Andrew to anyone who needs a good instructor, no matter what level you’re at!’

Huw David of Haslemere

“Thanks for all the help Andrew. I grew much more confident as the lessons went by and thanks for sticking with me, and its given me a massive boost for my last couple of exams so Cheers!!”

Scarlett Hawkins of Lurgeshall, Haslemere

“Thank you for helping me pass first time, Andrew has made me a confident driver and he is an extremely patient teacher. Thanks!”

Hannah Chilvers – Haslemere

“Thank you so very much for being such an amazing instructor. You helped me build up my confidence and helped me believe that actually I can do it and sure enough I passed first time with just two minors!.
I will miss our fits of giggles (that car that sped off when I did a parallel park next to it; me trying to steer and not actually going anywhere because only my hands where moving and not the steering wheel!) along with a multitude of other things including your Cobra and your dreams to drive a McClaren F1 one day.
Good luck Andrew building your franchise. I hope all your staff will be as lovely and as genuine as you. Take care. Thanks again. p.s. All this nest flying is terribly Scary stuff, can’t l just stay being taught? :)

Jade Brindley – Haslemere

“I started to learn to drive a few years ago and unfortunately had a driving instructor who was quite intimidating. I dreaded my driving lessons and in the end gave up before I took my test. Years later, I decided that I wanted to try and learn to drive again.

I knew that I needed a driving instructor who would be patient, understanding, articulate and relaxing company. It was only in this way I knew that I would get over the nervousness I felt whilst in the car. I decided that this time I would search for the perfect driving instructor before committing. I saw Andrew’s driving card and decided to give him a call. After one driving lesson, I knew that I had found the perfect driving instructor.

I would recommend Andrew as a driving instructor to anyone, no matter what age or experience you have. He helped me to build my confidence back up, get a true understanding of how to drive and got me to the highest standard of safe driving. He is a kind, intelligent and gentle soul that has found his true vocation in life. Lessons did not seem daunting, but instead a fun learning experience.  I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Some instructors may view their students as just an income. However, Andrew’s focus remains on the individual student and how to get the best out of them. Andrews’ goal is to get all of his students being confident, competent and positive about their driving. For each of his students, he will tailor his teachings according to how each of his students learns best. Some driving instructors demand that students follow their rigid structure of lessons.  However, Andrew has a much more flexible approach, where the student has input and each lesson is personally tailored to the student’s requirements or wishes.

He will teach you everything from manoeuvres, to general driving, roundabouts, junctions, traffic lights etc in a positive, calm and reassuring manner. Before you know it, you will have passed your test and gained the independence that comes with being able to go anywhere any time you want!

It is because of Andrew that I have now passed my test and have the joy of driving my new car: a mini named Malcolm J So, if you are considering going for a driving lesson with Andrew, then I would say without a doubt: DO IT! You won’t regret it ” :)

James Geer – Haslemere

“Having been messed around by several driving schools – cancellations etc. – I first came across ‘A Star Driving School’ via a google search for driving tutors around Haslemere.  Having contacted the proprietor, Andrew I was pleased to find him straight forward, pleasant to talk to and very professional, so I decided to undertake a series of lessons with him.

Andrew is a great guy and an excellent, patient instructor. He is very calm, pleasant to talk to and I always felt comfortable with him in the car. I never felt as though he was frustrated with me (even though at times I’m sure he must have been!) and he always put me at ease.

I had a bad experience on my first driving test (with my previous instructor) which knocked my confidence completely, but Andrew very quickly turned this around and enabled me to feel positive and confident on the road again. I found the way that Andrew explained everything was exceptional and am so glad to have been under his supervision. Something that I personally struggled with, was parking, but Andrew developed this skill brilliantly, through the use of reference points and clear, simple instruction.

After a very positive experience, choosing A Star Driving School was definitely the right decision, and as a result I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone who is learning to drive.  You won’t regret it!”

Ben Lacatus – Haslemere

Hi everyone, my name is Ben Lacatus and recently I have passed my driving exam, and that is thanks to Andrew Widgery. I have tried before, two times with a different instructor, and every time I have failed to fulfil the expectations of the examiner but this time was different: I was more prepared, I felt more secure, mainly because I knew the route – Andrew took me there before, so it was a piece of cake.

He is patient and calm, he knows how to explain everything and make it look simple, he keeps a record of all your activity – so he will know exactly where you need more practice, and he will insist on practicing the manoeuvres that you find more difficult until you master them.

Andrew Widgery was recommended to me by a friend, and I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to take his driving license from the first go.

Mirela Lacatus – Haslemere – a refresher course

“I have my driving license about 8 years, but I didn’t drive too much, so I needed some refresher lessons because of my new job where I must drive and because I was learned to drive on the right side (being from Romania). At a recommendation of a friend, I called Andrew who, with a lot of patience, humour, calm and support helped me to develop my driving skills (specially on the left side 🙂 ) and most important, my self-confidence. Now  I am confident, independent and for me it’s a pleasure to drive! So THANK YOU Andrew for being so good, patient and calm with me!!!

Andrew is brilliant instructor so I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!!!”

Jasper Taylor, Grayswood, Haslemere

“I started with Andrew after two failed attempts and a two year sabbatical from driving. It was evident from the first ten minutes of tuition that I had made the right decision. Andrew is thorough, adaptable to your preferred style of learning and good company. Above all though, it is abundantly clear that Andrew has your best interests and safety at heart. My confidence and ability grew week after week and after ten lessons I passed my test with two minors. It was a pleasure learning with Andrew and I can’t recommend him highly enough”.

Charlotte Maude of Haslemere – a parent’s perspective!

“Andrew took on my daughter Izzie after she’d failed for the 2nd time with another instructor.

From the word go it was clear that the reason she’d failed was because she just hadn’t been prepared properly. She came back from her first lesson with Andrew full of all the new things she’d learnt and really enthused about ‘relearning’ how to drive properly – her confidence having been severely dented by 2 fails.

But what came over to me most, as a parent, was that Andrew wasn’t just teaching her to drive. He was also teaching her how to pass the test, but most importantly, he was teaching her how to drive SAFELY which, as a parent, is all you really want. This is more than backed up by the fact that he very generously offers every pupil who passes a free 2 hour lesson on motorway driving – surely worth its weight in gold.

As a father of 4 girls, I felt he more than understood how to get through to  teenagers and Izzie really looked forward to her lessons with him as a result. But the proof of the pudding came last week when, thanks to Andrew, Izzie flew through her test without a single mistake for her driving – apparently a rarity. I just wish we’d found him when she first turned 17 and hadn’t wasted our money on poor instructors who not only couldn’t teach properly but also just didn’t really care about their pupils. I’ll definitely be using him for my two younger boys – I really couldn’t recommend him highly enough. An enormous Thank-you Andrew!”

Izzie Maude of Haslemere

“I was referred onto Andrew having had a previous instructor and although he taught me how to drive, he did not teach me how to pass my test and as soon as a got in the car with Andrew I could see the difference in his teaching, in how thorough he was and how much more he knew about the field.

Even his knowledge on the test routes and all the roads near the centre filled me with confidence, as being knocked back twice, I was extremely nervous with a lot of pressure on my shoulders for the test which he got me through with Zer0 minors which proved what an amazing instructor he is.

I really felt comfortable with Andrew and he was so easy to get along with. I found the main difference for me was that he really cared that I passed and really knew how much it meant to me and seemed to be genuinely rooting for me for my test, which made the world of difference as it was a much more personal experience.

I would definitely recommend Andrew to any of my friends as I think he will get you through the test much faster and you won’t just pass the test but be a better and more confident driver. I myself now feel completely ready and prepared for driving and what’s more I really enjoy driving as well, thank you Andrew!”

Lauren Stone of Haslemere

“I had been learning to drive for the past 9 months, but after 3 failed tests I decided I needed a new instructor. Once Andrew started teaching me my confidence grew, my driving improved considerably and I finally passed 4th time with only 2 minors! Andrew is a fantastic driving instructor who is calm, patient and extremely thorough. I can’t thank him enough!”

Lydia Matthews of Haslemere

“Andrew was invaluable to me when I was learning to drive. I came from another driving school and was very nervous and unconfident about driving lessons and driving in general. Andrew had a positive attitude and was very patient which made me feel confident on the roads and made me really enjoy driving.

The lessons were done in a relaxed atmosphere which was very beneficial and they were also very informative which made me feel like I knew what to do in every situation.

I would definitely recommend Andrew to all my friends and other people learning to drive, thank you!”

Tierney Oliver of Chiddingfold

“Andrew has been a fantastic instructor. He’s made learning to drive an incredibly unstressful and enjoyable experience, allowing me to pass first time and be a confident and competent driver. Andrew was very reassuring at the beginning when things were difficult and made the learning process fun. He was very flexible with lesson times, really doing everything to best suit me. All in all, Andrew has been the perfect instructor who got me to pass in just 5 weeks.”