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I have lived in the Guildford area since 1985 so I know the roads very well and the test routes too, not that we keep just to those roads as when you pass your test, you will need to be well equipped to deal with any roads and different traffic conditions.

Many of our pupils are from Godalming College so we know the set up re pick up points as driving instructor’s cars are not allowed on the grounds of the college so we meet them in Oakdene Road. We can  start and end at college or at your home.

Here is what some of our Godalming pupils have said about our instruction after passing their practical driving test

Paige Locurto, Godalming and pupil of Godalming College

“I still can’t believe that I passed my driving test in just under 4 months and it was all thanks to Andrew and his teaching! Not only did I pass but it was my first time and I felt confident on the day thanks to the preparation I had in my lessons. Andrew was always patient and I knew from the start that he wanted the best for me which was to become a safe driver on the roads which I’m happy to say that I am. I can’t thank Andrew enough and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great driving instructor”.

Harriet Dunscombe of Godalming

“Before being taught by Andrew I had 2 instructors with whom I was scarcely making process. Immediately in our first lesson Andrew taught me the manoeuvres which the other instructors had taken hours to cover. I am so happy that Andrew gave me the support to finally pass my driving test and am grateful that he provided me with the confidence to do so”.

Hannah Reed of Godalming

“Andrew was a fantastic instructor. He really gave me confidence and was fantastically patient and supportive. Sometimes he had to tell me things a few times before I got it but he was never irritated and I felt I could ask him things over and over if I needed to. It must have worked because I passed first time. Thank you Andrew!”

Kiah Wright – Godalming and pupil of Godalming college

“Andrew was an excellent instructor and mentor for when I was learning to drive. He was helpful, reliable and most importantly really helped to build my confidence despite my initial anxiety about learning to drive. Never did I imagine when I began learning to drive that I would pass first time and with three minors! I could not have wished for a better instructor”.

Emma Turner – Witley and pupil of Godalming College.

“I always saw the prospect of learning to drive as particularly exciting though nerve-wrecking. My parents and I were keen to avoid the many money focused driving schools and to find a personal instructor focused on safety; so when a friend mentioned “Andrew Widgery” to my parents the deal was sealed. On the day I was a bag of nerves, anxious not to crash or hideously embarrass myself; but Andrew’s calm and positive manner was notable from the start, and he quickly gathered my learning style and shaped his instructing accordingly. He never pushed me, yet he always prompted me to relax (with four daughters of his own he really gets the teenage ways) and embrace new situations when I was ready. To my utter surprise, and with his guidance, I safely drove home via the Hindhead tunnel after only my second lesson! When you first begin to learn to drive you are indeed placing your life in the hands of your instructor – but Andrew is clearly capable of such a responsibility and utterly embraces his crucial role in your progress and safety as an individual.

Andrew taught me all the manoeuvres to precision, and safely guided me through every possible driving situation I could face on my future travels. The focus on not only passing the test but maintaining my own safety throughout life, born from his genuine care for his students’ wellbeing, was invaluable to me. Most likely due to his background in training Team GB champions, Andrew adopts such a patient, supportive manner with a view to create the best drivers. Instead of focusing on me as a customer (and trying to squeeze out as many lessons as possible as many instructors do) Andrew encouraged me to drive with my parents and was supportive when I chose to take my test after only three months of instruction. I felt thoroughly confident in his honesty and experience (his first time pass rate is double the national average) to tell me the week before if he thought I needed more time. After familiarising me with every test route possible, he gave me the green light and I passed first time with one minor!

I really cannot recommend Andrew highly enough; he is a genuinely lovely person who is so incredibly skilled in his role as both an instructor and a mentor. I had a fabulous experience learning to drive and I am confident in my abilities to continue forward as a safe road user. Absolutely A* 10/10!”

Megan Merrett-Jones – Godalming and pupil of Godalming College

“Two of my friends highly recommended Andrew to me after having a bad experience with my first instructor and failing my test the first time. I felt it was probably best to find a new instructor as I was not very confident with the skills I hadacquired. From my very first lesson with Andrew I felt I had learnt so much more than all those hours I had spent with my initial instructor. He is calm and very easy to get along with which constantly made me feel at ease. Andrew definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to driving and I will be forever using his reference points! With the skills and the knowledge Andrew gave me I managed to pass my test with just 3 minors. Andrew did not only help me pass my test but has made me a much more confident driver, I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive”.

Sophie Gore, Milford, Godalming and pupil of Godalming College

“I was very excited about learning to drive but wanted to make sure that I had an instructor who I felt comfortable with and was not impatient. I did not really know where to start looking until a friend recommended Andrew and said that she had been very happy with his tuition. When the day of my first lesson arrived I was excited but also quite apprehensive. From the minute I got in the car Andrew put me at ease  and it was apparent that his teaching methods would suit me very well, he was always positive and made me feel good about my driving. Having spoken to other friends learning to drive with different instructors I realised that Andrew had lots of helpful hints and tips for not only passing my test but making me a safe and considerate driver”.