Special A STAR 6hr starter pack – the solution to the long waiting time……..

Due to the after effects of the Pandemic, the DVSA still have nationally over 300,000 tests to catch up on.

The consequence of this is that many of our existing students who are test ready cannot obtain a driving test and this means we have so few lesson slots during the weekdays to free up to offer anyone wishing to start driving.

Its frustrating for them and it is very for us and we want to say yes to those kind enough to approach us.

However, we think we have a solution and bypasses the lengthy delays in getting started.!

This is currently our most popular starting package. It saves time, saves money because of those vital initial first six hours of learning are all conducted on a private track at Dunsfold, with no other vehicles to worry about. So this means you can start a great deal sooner as these are conducted at the weekends. These structured lessons provide a strong base of skills before going onto the public road.

Included are three 2 hour track sessions at the Dunsfold aerodrome with the final one transferring the skills acquired on the track and onto the public road.

This is a structured integrated course allowing the pupil to gain an unrivalled start in a secure environment that the private track allows, and then leads seamlessly from the track onto the public road, already having all the necessary driver skills to then learn the road craft necessary for safe driving with other road users.

This integrated course we have shown to save many hours of instruction and reduces the overall cost to reach test standard. Fantastic value.

Price £450 includes hire of the track. (scroll down for on the road prices). Personalised gift vouchers can be purchased and are valid for six months.

Off Road Driving Lessons

For those not yet 17 and are 14 and over, consider what a great Birthday present driving lessons could be to someone special to you or a family member! YES we teach children from 12 upwards to  drive and guarantee them the time of their lives!

Personalised gift vouchers can be purchased and are valid for six months.

Personalised vouchers can be sent to you to present to the recipient on the special day whether they are for a starter 2 hour lesson or a discounted block of lessons or to someone not yet old enough to drive on the roads; a Dunsfold track experience for children over 12 years old, they guaranteed a day they will never forget ! See details here These courses are not restricted to those Under 17 but also for those wanting to start their learning in a non pressured and very safe environment.

Driving lessons offered by A Star Driving School not only teach you how to drive safely and with due consideration to other road users, but teaches you an invaluable life skill.

It frees you from the limitation of public transport and reliance on others and provides a level of independence that perhaps you don’t have right now.

So the next step is how to choose a good instructor…….. that’s not always easy as many of our pupils who in some cases come from other schools tell us.

Your choice as to a good instructor isn’t about trying to find the cheapest but should in part be guided and influenced by recommendation or referrals and that his or her style of instruction must suit you and how you learn.

Is he or she patient; does he or she have a level of sensitivity if you are very nervous by nature or lack a little self confidence. These qualities are important if you are to feel relaxed and calm and don’t finish each lesson like a wet rag and collapse with nervous exhaustion and need to lie down in a dark room somewhere!

Before deciding on our services, take a minute or two to read our customer reviews and see if what you read sits well with you. We want you to make the best choice for you.

Our lessons are a standard 2 hours in length which gives you the pupil the best return on your time as we can cover the maximum within a time frame and really make rapid progress. We can accommodate a 1.5 hour lesson if two hours isn’t available within your timetable.

Whether you are brand new to driving and have never driven before or have had some lessons from another school either recently or a long time ago, is accommodated with enthusiasm, understanding and experience.

Before paying, please read our terms and conditions below; thanks

1.5 hours                            £65.00 

2 hours                               £85.00 

Motorway course           £60.00/ hour, minimum 2hrs 

PassPlus  Course            £290.00 (3 x 2hrs course) 

Discounted schemes

The following  discounted packages apply ONLY if paid on or before the first lesson

9 hour block booking £370 -(6 x 1.5 hours) – saving £20
10 hour block booking £395 -(5 x 2 hours) –  saving £25

2 hour Dunsfold Private track Saturday sessions £160 including hire of track and £140 for the 1.5 hour session

Please read Terms & Conditions below; thank you

Paying for lessons

Cash: Please pay your instructor directly on the day in advance of your driving lesson. If you are not able to pay for your lesson in full then the instructor may not be able to conduct your lesson.

Please pay electronically if not in cash; no cheques please

Those preferring to pay electronically please see details below; thank you

Bank Transfer:

Account Name: Kevin F. Trimming

Account Number: 92259265

Sort Code: 40-47-08

Reference: your name

PLEASE reference for who this is  for, otherwise we  may not be able to identify who has paid or for whom; thanks

Account Name: Charlotte – Miss C A Simpson

Account Number: 66801548

Sort Code: 09-01-29


PLEASE reference for who this is  for, otherwise we  may not be able to identify who has paid or for whom; thanks


Terms and conditions of business.

Your instructor has the right to cancel a lesson at any time. This may be due to poor weather, illness, car maintenance or similar and / or any other unforeseen circumstance. Where possible an alternative date / time will be given.

You (the pupil) must give your instructor at least 48 hours notice should you wish to cancel your lesson. Failure to do so will result in your instructor charging you full price for the lesson. The only exception will be in very serious circumstances.

lf you, (the pupil), wish to reduce the length of a previously arranged lesson, you must give your instructor at least 48 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in your instructor charging you for the full duration of the lesson booked.

All lessons must be paid for in advance at the beginning of a lesson please.

Payment is made to the instructor directly.

All practical driving tests MUST be confirmed with your instructor prior to completing the booking. This is to ensure both your instructor and the car are available for the test.

Your instructor reserves the right to refuse you the use of the car for driving tests in accordance with the rules as laid down by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency. This also includes tests booked without confirmation from your instructor (see above).

Driving License Declaration to be acknowledged prior to the start of the lesson.
“I declare that I have no convictions pending and there has been no changes to my circumstances that could affect my entitlement to drive”.

Social drugs and alcohol. It is your responsibility to arrive for your driving lessons in a fit state to drive.
Should your driving instructor suspect that you are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or for any other reasons that may affect your ability to drive, the lesson will be terminated and the full lesson fee will be charged.

You MUST NOT be under the influence of any medical drugs that affects your ability to understand and follow instruction. In the event of there being any sign of such and affecting your abilities negatively, your instructor will have no choice but to cancel your lesson, and you will be charged in full. Any prescribed medication that may affect your driving must be declared to your instructor but such details will remain confidential.