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Ottlie Young

Otillie Young

Absolutely fabulous teaching! After switching instructors and a loss of confidence, Andrew massively improved my skills and made me 100x more comfortable behind the wheel! Would recommend him to anyone that would listen! Not to mention being a funny and kind man!

Alice Paver

Alice Paver of Farncombe, Godalming

Thanks to Andrew’s skilful and caring guidance, I went into my test calm, confident and relaxed, which allowed me to pass first time with only 3 minor faults. He totally understands young people and how to help them overcome nerves and anxiety. I may have started off a lesson nervous, but would always finish with a sense of achievement, pride, and happiness in my progress. I really felt he believed in my ability and was totally committed, and that helped my confidence massively. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone; I started off a reluctant and terrified learner and now I look forward to driving wherever I can!

Miha Hockey

Miha Hockey

I have been a pupil of Andrew and thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with him. He is very professional, calm and patient, with great sense of humour too. He taught me how to drive safely and instilled confidence to pass my exam (with very few minors). I am now enjoying my newly gained independence, especially being able to take my son to nursery school myself. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.



Lizzie Curtis

Lizzie Curtis of Haslemere

I would definitely recommend Andrew as a driving instructor! He made me feel supported and confident as a driver and was very accommodating in arranging lessons and helping prepare me for my test. Thank you, Andrew!


Charlotte Catt

Charlotte Catt of Haslemere

Andrew is an amazing teacher! He’s taught both me and my sister and constantly help build my confidence whilst driving. Highly recommend! Truly a wonderful instructor.


Amy Collins

Amy Collins of Haslemere

I would definitely recommend A Star Driving School to anyone that needs help learning to drive, Andrew was such a good and patient instructor who helped me pass my test!

Darius Moore

Darius Moore of Witley

Absolutely fantastic teacher, and very good quality. Passed after only 14 hours of wise instruction. Very flexible for students. Thank you Andrew!

James Stunt 0317

James Stunt of Haslemere

Andrew has helped both myself and my brother through our tests and I would highly recommend. I passed my theory and practical tests first time, all thanks to him! His incredibly calm teaching style and lovely manner made his lessons very enjoyable as well. Thanks Andrew!

Ana Brown of Witley

I would definitely recommend lessons with Andrew! He’s such a patient, kind, and friendly teacher and has really helped me build up my confidence. I was very nervous when I first started learning to drive but I have just passed my test and I’m really enjoying it now. Thanks for everything Andrew!


Lulu Hosking

Lulu Hosking of Bramley

Thank you to Andrew, I learnt a huge amount quickly and felt very well prepared for my test thanks to his calm and reassuring approach!

Mark Noort

Mark Noort of Godalming

“Andrew (and A* star driving) are highly recommended, without hesitation! Having failed my test in the past, Andrew’s teaching provided me with confidence behind the wheel, a successful pass, and, ultimately, the skills to drive safely for the rest of my life. Good humoured, pleasant and knowledgeable, Andrew is an excellent and sociable instructor, also perfectly suited to non-natives! Thanks Andrew!”

Gus Callcut

Gus Callcut of Brook

“Andrew is a great driving instructor. I passed my test recently which was thanks to his brilliant teaching style. I honestly can’t recommend him highly enough. He was unbelievably patient with me as it didn’t come naturally to me but guided me though it making sure i knew what i needed to do to pass”.

Josie Corke

Josie Corke of Shere, Guildford

“Andrew is a brilliant instructor who taught me calmly and clearly and made sure I always felt at ease. I really enjoyed all of my lessons and felt extremely safe on the roads after passing. Thanks for making the manoeuvres simple! I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking to learn”.

Hannah Young

Hannah Young of Guildford

“Andrew is a fantastic driving instructor! An extremely patient, encouraging and friendly teacher. His thorough teaching and attention to detail made me feel at ease in any situation. He calmed all my worries about the test and I couldn’t have felt more prepared going into it. I would highly recommend Andrew and the A Star Driving School. I couldn’t have done it without him so a massive thank you!”

Olivia Weller

Olivia Weller of Lurgershall

“Andrew is such an encouraging driving instructor! Even when I struggled with a manoeuvre he was so patient and calm which really put me at ease. I never thought I would pass my driving test first time but with Andrew’s lessons I was able to. Very happy and would highly recommend A Star Driving School, thank you Andrew!’


George Wyeth

George Wyeth of Hindhead

Andrew is a great teacher! He’s very patient and explains things in a nice, clear way!

Max Phillips

Max Phillips of Godalming

“I always looked forward to my driving lessons with Andrew. He was good company and managed to grin (or grimace) through even my most stupid moments. Of which there  were plenty… That I passed my test is entirely to his credit and skill. Thanks Andrew”

Harry Crucefix

Harry Crucefix of Milford

“Driving is something that I had always wanted to do and Andrew helped to give me the confidence to do just that. He explained in detail all aspects and answered any questions that I had. He had lots of patience and was very reassuring. I have been and will continue to recommend him to my friends”.

Laura Prichard

Laura Prichard of Chiddingfold

“Andrew is a great driving instructor who adapted his teaching to suit me and ensured that I was not only fully prepared for my test but for future driving once I had passed. I felt confident to take my test and would certainly recommend his driving school. ”

Midori Galvin

Midori Galvin of Haslemere

“I was very fortunate to have been recommended A Star Driving School and the lessons didn’t disappoint. I was a very nervous driver not having driven for many years and especially not on the left hand side coming from another European country. Andrew’s gentle, kind and reassuring manners helped me increase my confidence and made me feel much safer on the road. I will be forever grateful to Andrew who helped me regain my independence! ”

Kate Milliken-Smith
Kate Miliken-Smith of Brook

“Andrew is a brilliant driving instructor who truly cares about his pupils which makes such a difference as he structures the lessons to focus on improving your weaknesses and making you feel more at ease with driving. Every lesson I saw a huge improvement in both my driving and confidence on the road – even with manoeuvres which Andrew patiently guided me through, making them a lot easier! Would highly recommend him to anyone in the area who’s looking to pass”.

Bea Sparrow

Bea Sparrow of Chiddingfold

“Andrew is an excellent driving instructor as he’s so supportive and caring. He goes the extra mile to ensure you become a safe and confident driver in a very comfortable environment. He taught everything with such precision and care, that progress came quickly and I passed first time with just two minors. Can’t thank you enough Andrew!”

Lauren Kirby

Lauren Kirby of Witley

“Andrew is an excellent driving instructor who made me feel safe and comfortable from my first lesson with a warm welcome and encouraging start. He made me feel more confident every lesson as my driving  progressed. Andrew is so calm and very understanding and will help you along the way with any issues you have. Having teenagers daughters of his own I felt he looked after me as he would his own. I passed second time with 0 driving faults and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Andrew hasn’t just boosted my confidence in driving but also my self-confidence and helped me prove to myself that I am capable of anything with hard work and dedication! Thank you Andrew for everything you did for me! “

Alex Peattie

Alex Peattie of Haslemere

“Engaging, informative and enjoyable. The lessons were hands on and uncomplicated. I really felt I was taught to drive well and not just pass a test, in a way which gave me a feel for how a car ought to drive. All round good experience at a fair affordable price with outstanding quality of teaching!”

Emily Soper

Emily Soper of Grayswood, Haslemere

“I heard about Andrew through friends of ours that had used him previously and they highly recommended his teaching. He gave me confidence from the very first lesson, not insisting that we only talk through the basics in this first lesson but get out there and get the ball rolling. Although I had a disappointment in my first test, Andrew was extremely helpful in regaining my confidence to pass the second time without any worry and with just one minor”.

Isla Middleton

Isla Middleton of Haslemere

“Andrew was a great instructor and I really enjoyed my lessons with him. His calm and patient approach meant learning to drive was extremely enjoyable. I would recommend a star driving to all my friends!”

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner of Witley

“Picking Andrew as my instructor was the best decision I could have made with regards to learning to drive. Every lesson was incredibly well planned, instructive and also extremely enjoyable. Starting the manoeuvres from the beginning was also massively beneficial as it allowed a lot of practice and more time to get used to it all. Andrew made me feel confident on the roads and in very safe hands should anything have happened. Andrew also taught me to be a safe driver and how to read the road, not just how to pass my test. I would thoroughly recommend Andrew to anyone of any driving capability because above all of the amazing driving techniques and confidence and safety Andrew installed in me it was also a pleasure to spend time with him due to how warm and friendly he is. Thank you so much Andrew!”

Josh Cornelius

Josh Cornelius of Grayswood, Haslemere

” Andrew had been teaching me on and off throughout a year. I started out as a very nervous driver but although he knew I was scared he kept controlled and calm throughout all situations. He pushed me out of my comfort zones and simplified all manoeuvres so they were easy to remember. All of this practice and patience provided by Andrew gave me the confidence I now have and I passed first time”!


Nick Stunt of Haslemere

“The results speak for themselves, 4 tests with another instructor and I failed them all, just one test with Andrew and I passed. He goes through step by step every manoeuvre and identifies the issues you need to work on.

I highly recommend Andrew if you are struggling to pass.”

Sophie Evans 28-03-15

Sophie Evans of Haslemere

“Perfect teaching from a caring and loving instructor, was a pleasure to learn with and have been taught fantastically!”

Sophia Bracey-Gibbon 24-03-15

Sophia Bracey-Gibbon of Haslemere

“Wouldn’t have picked anyone else, fully supports you the whole way! Thank you Andrew! xx”

Anna Crawford 13-03-15

Anna Crawford of Haslemere

“Andrew is an excellent teacher and very professional and reliable. His lessons were always well structured, enjoyable and pitched at the right level. He really cares about his pupils and wants them to do well. I’m very grateful to him and would happily recommend him to anyone.”

Holly Shellard 25-02-15

Holly Shellard of Fernhurst, Haslemere

‘I could not have asked for a better driving instructor than Andrew! Driving did not come easily to me, but Andrew throughout remained calm, encouraging and supporting. He prepared me for the exam and everyday driving for once I had passed making me a confident and safe driver. I would highly recommend him to anyone and it’s definitely an A* driving school!! Thanks Andrew! ‘

Sophie Tamlyn 20-01-15

Sophie Tamlyn of Guildford

“Kevin is a fantastic driving instructor! From my first lesson I realised that he was a unique. My previous driving instructors had made me a really nervous driver and really under confident in my ability. Kevin completely understood me from day one and the way to get the best out of me. He has a very unique style that means he adapts his teaching according to the personality of the pupil. Over the time he taught me, I grew in confidence and felt better about my ability as a driver. Kevin was a huge support and went above and beyond to accommodate lessons around my busy work schedule. It is thanks to Kevin that I had the confidence to pass my test! I would honestly recommend him to anyone. Three words to sum up Kevin: Unique, dedicated and A Star! Thank you Kevin!!! (Sophie, 25)


George Stewart 11-02-15

George Stewart of Guildford

“Kevin is a great driving instructor. Every lesson I had, I could feel a dramatic improvement in my driving. I had lessons three years ago, and was nervous about my ability as a driver, but due to Kevin’s experience, unique style and effective method of teaching I became so much more confident in my driving. His friendly personality and engaging teaching made every lesson valuable and fun. I would recommend Kevin to anyone, he is an exemplary instructor who will work with you, the individual, to find out how you can improve and enhance your own skills as a driver. He’s one of a kind – thanks Kevin!”

Jessica McArthur 10-02-15

Jessica McArthur of Milland near Haslemere

‘Kevin is a fantastic instructor who teaches to a more advanced level than required simply on the test. Every single lesson was amusing, productive and gave me time with a somewhat psychologist! I shall definitely be recommending Kevin to the rest of my friends starting to drive. Thank you Kevin!’

Does Vanderdoes 02-02-15 Jess

Does Vanderdoes of Guildford

“Thank you so so much! I never thought I’d be driving so soon and so safely, Jessica’s amazing teaching, encouragement and positivity are the main reasons why I passed first time!

I feel confident that I am a safe driver thanks to her.

I would recommend her to anyone’s she’s been so great!”

Oksana 02-02-15 kevin

Oksana Timofejeva of Guildford

“Kevin is a great driving instructor! With all tears I had and difficulties in my university & personal life, Kevin always supported me though 3 months of my driving lessons; for him it is not all about the driving test, he makes sure you will be  a safe driver for the rest of your life before and after the driving test! Firstly I hated my driving experience with a big national driving school, however Kevin made my driving experience less stressful and more enjoyable!  I am so glad I found A* Driving School and I will recommend it to everyone who will be looking for a driving instructor! Thank you so much Kevin, I would not pass this test without your help and support!”

Erika Lorimer of Haslemere

“From the start Andrew was always very calm in the car and very understanding if he needed to repeat himself- especially with the manoeuvres. I was recommended to be taught by A Star Driving from a friend and I am so glad I listened and did! Andrew was always honest with my driving which I thought was very useful and made it easier for me to learn as I knew which areas I needed to improve on. He made me feel prepared for my test and always made time to give me lessons, especially when my driving test was coming up and I passed FIRST TIME!  Thank you again Andrew”

Indi Phillips 12-01-15

India Phillips of Godalming

“Thank you SO much! First time pass thanks to Andrew’s absolutely amazing teaching, support and encouragement. An amazing instructor who cares not only about getting that pass certificate but making sure you are a safe and confident driver from now until forever! Couldn’t have done it without the wonderful support and guidance of this fantastic instructor. Thanks Andrew!!”

Derri Lyons 2 27-01-15

Derri Lyons of Haslemere

“I can not thank Andrew enough! I gave up driving for two years and severely lacked motivation but Andrew gave me the push in the right direction I needed and now I’ve passed! Would recommend his teaching to absolutely anyone, he is 100% committed to teaching the best skills and is extremely patient. He was an absolute pleasure to learn from. Thank you again Andrew, you are fab!”

Kirsty McNight 17-12-14

Kirsty McKnight of Guildford

It has been an absolute pleasure to learn to drive with Andrew. I could not recommend him highly enough to anyone wanting to learn. I felt fully prepared for my exam in terms of my driving and mental state! I will never forget his support and genuine care. And by the way, I passed first time with just ONE MINOR ! Thank you so much Andrew!!!

Maria Tooby 26-11-14

Maria Tooby of Guildford

“Andrew from the start was patient and made me feel comfortable, I was nervous to begin with, however became less and less so as Andrew showed me defensive driving techniques as well as easy ways to complete manoeuvres using reference points and tips. He is very supportive, honest, professional and fun making the lessons enjoyable. I had one or two lessons years ago with other instructors and I knew on my first lesson with Andrew that his teaching method was definitely more suited to me and I picked up skills very quickly. I also passed first time with just TWO MINORS! “.

Esme Sparrow 21-11-14

Esme Sparrow of Chiddingfold

“Andrew made my time learning to drive very comfortable and enjoyable. At first I was very nervous but Andrew made sure everything went to plan. I gradually became more confident as I progressed. Andrew was very patient and gave good clear instructions making driving as a whole and especially the manoeuvres easy to understand. I now feel like a confident and safe driver. Andrew prepared me for not only my test but for everyday driving once I had passed. I would defiantly recommend Andrew to anyone. Thank you Andrew!”

Josh Terry, 20-10-14

Josh Terry of Haslemere

“Andrew was a great driving instructor, although he was very thorough and knew all the techniques I would say the greatest feature Andrew had was the determination to get me to pass the test. I hated the driving test experience, and sometimes I thought that I was never going to pass however, Andrew made this experience a lot less stressful than it could have been; he was always up for giving a last minute lesson at short notice and would make sure that you understood every detail when driving so that I could do things confidently. All in all a great driving instructor, also good value for money as I passed with just 28 hours of lesson time. Thank you”.

Imogen Sparrow 15-10-14

Imogen Sparrow of Chiddingfold

“Andrew is an excellent driving instructor who puts in a 100%; I couldn’t of done it with out him. He is so patient and his style of teaching is really thorough. I would highly recommend Andrew as a driving instructor and I passed first time “

Nicki Andrews 19-11-14

Nicki Andrews of Headley near Hindhead

Nicki wrote, “I sat my driving test once when I was younger with a different instructor and failed. 4 years later when I began lessons again with you – straight away you built my confidence up and believed my capability immediately! I felt that my previous instructor wasted a lot of my time, but with you it never seemed like you were trying to prolong my lessons to make more money – you genuinely wanted me to progress as quickly as possible and pass my test! I also believe that you weren’t just teaching me to pass my test which I believe to be a lot of instructors aim. You were teaching me the skills that I would need to drive alone once I’d passed! You never once doubted whether I would pass even though I did! I have always suffered from nerves and I thought my nerves would get the better of me and I would fail on the day! However, even though I was as nervous as I can ever remember being; with everything that you’d taught me and your calm reassurance I still managed to get through it and pass!”

This has genuinely made such a difference to my life being able to drive. I know it sounds cheesy but I am so much happier and I am able to do so much more now! I am so grateful Andrew thank you for everything I don’t think I could have done it without you!”

Arianna Stafford Brookes 30-10-14

Arianna Stafford Brookes of Frensham

“Andrew is a fantastic and most importantly patient driving instructor. He makes the lesson calm and stress free. Andrew was highly recommended by many of my friends and that reassured me that he was the right teacher for me. Thank you so much for everything you did for me and for pushing me to make sure I passed. Definitely A* standard teaching”.

Naomi Bradshaw

Naomi Bradshaw of Godalming

“Andrew was a fantastic driving instructor from start to finish. I had been driving for a while, having had some lessons when I had first turned 17 but then losing confidence after a few months and stopping driving altogether. I had been driving around in my own car with my parents for about a year and was determined to pass my test before I started my second year at university. Andrew really improved my ability to manoeuvre the car and increased my confidence in driving, but most of all I am grateful for the emphasis he puts on safety. This is at the core of his teaching and is absolutely crucial in how he is so successful in making not only good drivers but ones that are completely safe on the road. I am so delighted with my quick result in passing (from beginning lessons near the end of August to passing at the beginning of October) and cannot wait to enjoy my independence while I am at home from university. I would recommend Andrew to any of my friends or family learning to drive. I passed first time”.

Ella Wilkinson 14-10-14

Ella Wilkinson of Shamley Green, Guildford

“Andrew has been such a brilliant instructor and mentor over the past few months. His calm and patient style of teaching made me feel confident and reassured during the lessons and also when driving with my parents. His very technical approach was very informative and helpful, especially in doing the manoeuvres. I now feel very safe and confident on the road and I passed first time – Thanks for everything Andrew! ”

Lucy Lines 13-10-14

Lucy Lines of Wormley, Godalming

“Andrew was a really fantastic instructor, who not only helped me to feel confident in my ability but also made the whole experience really enjoyable. He is extremely thorough in his teaching; not just preparing you to pass a 40 minute driving exam but equips you well for the ‘real-world’ driving situations. Andrew was patient, reassuring and perhaps most importantly very calm. I couldn’t recommend Andrew enough, his dedication to his job and his pupils puts him head and shoulders above the other driving schools; the man who examined me had nothing but praise for Andrew and how he prepares learner drivers for their tests and I passed first time”!

Euan Middleton

Euan Middleton of Haslemere

‘Andrew was a great instructor, always helpful and patient. His style of teaching kept me calm, and his teaching of manoeuvres was especially good. I would really recommend Andrew to anyone who needs a good instructor, no matter what level you’re at!’

Paige Locurto

Paige Locurto of Godalming

“I still can’t believe that I passed my driving test first time in just under 4 months and it was all thanks to Andrew and his teaching! Not only did I pass but it was my first time and I felt confident on the day thanks to the preparation I had in my lessons. Andrew was always patient and I knew from the start that he wanted the best for me which was to become a safe driver on the roads which I’m happy to say that I am. I can’t thank Andrew enough and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great driving instructor”.

Zoe Jackson

Zoe Jackson of Balls Cross, Petworth

“I passed my test first time due to Andrew’s calm and professional approach; lessons were both informative and enjoyable and I would highly recommend Andrew”.

Harriet Dunscombe

Harriet Dunscombe of Godalming

“Before being taught by Andrew I had 2 instructors with whom I was scarcely making process. Immediately in our first lesson Andrew taught me the manoeuvres which the other instructors had taken hours to cover. I am so happy that Andrew gave me the support to finally pass my driving test and am grateful that he provided me with the confidence to do so”.

Susie Kelly 2

Susie Kelly of Haslemere

“Thank you so much for all the (patient) lessons you taught me! Learnt a lot about being a safe driver rather than someone who just “snuck” through the system. Thoroughly recommend Andrew’s teaching to anyone starting to drive – thank you so much :)

Huw David

Huw David of Haslemere

“Thanks for all the help Andrew. I grew much more confident as the lessons went by and thanks for sticking with me, and its given me a massive boost for my last couple of exams so Cheers!!”

Nashie 2

Nashie Inskip of Frensham Heights School, Frensham

“Andrew allowed my driving skills to improve much quicker than expected due to his clear instructions and stress free lessons. Thank you for helping me to pass first time! Will be highly recommended to anyone who asks! :)

Hannah Reed

Hannah Reed of Godalming

“Andrew was a fantastic instructor. He really gave me confidence and was fantastically patient and supportive. Sometimes he had to tell me things a few times before I got it but he was never irritated and I felt I could ask him things over and over if I needed to. It must have worked because I passed first time. Thank you Andrew!”

Scarlett 1

Scarlett Hawkins of Lurgeshall, Haslemere

“Thank you for helping me pass first time, Andrew has made me a confident driver and he is an extremely patient teacher. Thanks!”

Annabel 2

Annabel Williams of St Catherines School, Bramley

“I have been driving with Andrew since October until passing my test first time in the Easter holidays and I have enjoyed every moment of learning to drive. Andrew made me feel comfortable in the car and was able to help me learn to control the clutch to do a hill start in the first lesson and by the next week I found myself driving, from my school in Bramley, to Cranleigh which was extremely exciting! Even though I could get extremely frustrated at myself whilst driving or performing a manoeuvre, Andrew would always stay calm to help me focus. I was able to gain confidence quickly and felt more than ready to take my test when the time came. I am now able to drive safely and confidently to and from school everyday which cuts out the long bus journey that I had to sit through every morning and evening-thank you Andrew!”

Hannah Chilvers1

Hannah Chilvers – Haslemere

“Thank you so very much for being such an amazing instructor. You helped me build up my confidence and helped me believe that actually I can do it and sure enough I passed first time with just two minors!.

I will miss our fits of giggles (that car that sped off when I did a parallel park next to it; me trying to steer and not actually going anywhere because only my hands where moving and not the steering wheel!) along with a multitude of other things including your Cobra and your dreams to drive a McClaren F1 one day.

Good luck Andrew building your franchise. I hope all your staff will be as lovely and as genuine as you. Take care. Thanks again. p.s. All this nest flying is terribly Scary stuff can’t l just stay being taught? :)

Kiah Wright 2

Kiah Wright – Godalming

“Andrew was an excellent instructor and mentor for when I was learning to drive. He was helpful, reliable and most importantly really helped to build my confidence despite my initial anxiety about learning to drive. Never did I imagine when I began learning to drive that I would pass first time and with three minors! I could not have wished for a better instructor”.

Lucy Pierce

Lucy Pierce, Shillinglee – Haslemere

“Andrew has been my driving instructor since September and I have really enjoyed the whole experience of learning to drive thanks to him. Andrew is always very supportive, kind and calm. In my first few lessons I was nervous about driving, but after only a few weeks I had already begun to show improvements and my confidence in my driving ability has grown so much since the beginning. I have now passed with four minors and feel ready to drive on my own, with the safety, competence and skills learnt from Andrew. I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor, thank you Andrew!”

Jade Brindley2

Jade Brindley – Haslemere

I started to learn to drive a few years ago and unfortunately had a driving instructor who was quite intimidating. I dreaded my driving lessons and in the end gave up before I took my test. Years later, I decided that I wanted to try and learn to drive again.

I knew that I needed a driving instructor who would be patient, understanding, articulate and relaxing company. It was only in this way I knew that I would get over the nervousness I felt whilst in the car. I decided that this time I would search for the perfect driving instructor before committing. I saw Andrew’s driving card and decided to give him a call. After one driving lesson, I knew that I had found the perfect driving instructor.

I would recommend Andrew as a driving instructor to anyone, no matter what age or experience you have. He helped me to build my confidence back up, get a true understanding of how to drive and got me to the highest standard of safe driving. He is a kind, intelligent and gentle soul that has found his true vocation in life. Lessons did not seem daunting, but instead a fun learning experience. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Some instructors may view their students as just an income. However, Andrew’s focus remains on the individual student and how to get the best out of them. Andrews’ goal is to get all of his students being confident, competent and positive about their driving. For each of his students, he will tailor his teachings according to how each of his students learns best. Some driving instructors demand that students follow their rigid structure of lessons. However, Andrew has a much more flexible approach, where the student has input and each lesson is personally tailored to the student’s requirements or wishes.

He will teach you everything from manoeuvres, to general driving, roundabouts, junctions, traffic lights etc in a positive, calm and reassuring manner. Before you know it, you will have passed your test and gained the independence that comes with being able to go anywhere any time you want!

It is because of Andrew that I have now passed my test and have the joy of driving my new car: a mini named “Malcolm” :) : if you are considering going for a driving lesson with Andrew, then I would say without a doubt: DO IT! You won’t regret it :)

Sam Jennings

Sam Jennings – Guildford

Andrew is a very patient and efficient tutor. He works around your times so even if you could always be busy during the day, he would be around in the evening. He has the right approach with manoeuvres, they are an important aspect so he says its best to start straight away which is perfect. There’s always good feedback after each lesson so you know where your at and know what to improve. Driving is a massive part of everyday life and who better than Andrew to give you that life skill?

Emma Turner 1

Emma Turner – Witley

“I always saw the prospect of learning to drive as particularly exciting though nerve-wracking. My parents and I were keen to avoid the many money focused driving schools and to find a personal instructor focused on safety; so when a friend mentioned “Andrew Widgery” to my parents the deal was sealed. On the day I was a bag of nerves, anxious not to crash or hideously embarrass myself; but Andrew’s calm and positive manner was notable from the start, and he quickly gathered my learning style and shaped his instructing accordingly. He never pushed me, yet he always prompted me to relax (with four daughters of his own he really gets the teenage ways) and embrace new situations when I was ready. To my utter surprise, and with his guidance, I safely drove home via the Hindhead tunnel after only my second lesson! When you first begin to learn to drive you are indeed placing your life in the hands of your instructor – but Andrew is clearly capable of such a responsibility and utterly embraces his crucial role in your progress and safety as an individual.

Andrew taught me all the manoeuvres to precision, and safely guided me through every possible driving situation I could face on my future travels. The focus on not only passing the test but maintaining my own safety throughout life, born from his genuine care for his students’ wellbeing, was invaluable to me. Most likely due to his background in training Team GB champions, Andrew adopts such a patient, supportive manner with a view to create the best drivers. Instead of focusing on me as a customer (and trying to squeeze out as many lessons as possible as many instructors do) Andrew encouraged me to drive with my parents and was supportive when I chose to take my test after only three months of instruction. I felt thoroughly confident in his honesty and experience (his first time pass rate is double the national average) to tell me the week before if he thought I needed more time. After familiarising me with every test route possible, he gave me the green light and I passed first time with one minor!

I really cannot recommend Andrew highly enough; he is a genuinely lovely person who is so incredibly skilled in his role as both an instructor and a mentor. I had a fabulous experience learning to drive and I am confident in my abilities to continue forward as a safe road user. Absolutely A* 10/10!”

Megan Hamby2

Megan HamblyMilford, Godalming

“I started learning with Andrew in September and had no driving experience at all so was extremely nervous to get behind the wheel for the first time. My nerves were obvious and Andrew could see I was scared so he reassured me that he was going to look after me and help my confidence grow. Over the 13 weeks I was learning, me and Andrew had very relaxed lessons which had a great atmosphere and my driving and confidence improved rapidly due to Andrew’s patient teaching style and friendly personality.

He helped me with my knowledge of the road and master all the manoeuvres which made me feel ready for when my test date was.

I passed first time with only 3 minors and I wouldn’t have done it without Andrew!

I would 100% recommend A* driving to all my friends, family and anyone else who is searching for a driving instructor”.


Flora Elliott – Ebenoe, Petworth

“Prior to starting lessons with Andrew I had no driving experience. Instantly Andrew put me at ease with his relaxed, detailed and humorous approach to learning to drive with lessons being something I looked forward to, always coming away feeling I had progressed. His teaching methods are excellent and his positivity gave me the confidence needed when driving. Lessons weren’t just focused on passing the test, but being comfortable to drive in all situations and this has been invaluable. On test day the relaxed atmosphere Andrew created paid off as I passed with just 3 minors. I couldn’t recommend Andrew more highly, I loved learning to drive with him- A* driving!”


Ella Middleton – Liss Near Petersfield

“Andrew was so helpful in the months leading up to my test! He has taught me such a great skill that will be so beneficial throughout life. I really appreciated Andrew’s patience, as although learning to drive may not come naturally at first, by guiding me through in the way that he did gave me so much confidence to be prepared not only for my test but for independent driving after. I would happily recommend Andrew to any of my friends as his teaching style made the experience safe, exciting and enjoyable! I passed first time”


Megan Merrett-Jones – Godalming

“Two of my friends highly recommended Andrew to me after having a bad experience with my first instructor and failing my test the first time. I felt it was probably best to find a new instructor as I was not very confident with the skills I had acquired. From my very first lesson with Andrew I felt I had learnt so much more than all those hours I had spent with my initial instructor. He is calm and very easy to get along with which constantly made me feel at ease. Andrew definitely knows what he is talking about when it comes to driving and I will be forever using his reference points! With the skills and the knowledge Andrew gave me I managed to pass my test with just 3 minors. Andrew did not only help me pass my test but has made me a much more confident driver, I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive”.


Sabrina McQuoid – Headley

“As well as being extremely excited at the prospect of finally driving, I was slightly apprehensive about getting behind the wheel. However I was instantly relaxed once I started driving with Andrew. He is so easy to get a long with and he knows the best ways to teach all the aspects of driving for the individual. You never feel pressured or nervous during a lesson and by the end you feel ready and confident to be driving by yourself. I passed first time.Thank you Andrew!”

Rose McQuoid …. Parent’s review

“After searching the Internet for hours looking for a driving Instructor, and losing the will to live, as well as hearing various horror stories from unhappy parents, Andrew came highly recommended by a friend!

He taught my daughter Sabrina over 4 months, and she passed 1st time at the Farnborough Test Centre. The biggest trust you put in anybody is handing your son/daughter over to their care, especially when it comes to learning to drive safely on the road. I really cannot recommend him highly enough! He is an excellent instructor! He has taught my daughter to drive carefully and safely, with flexible lesson times, whilst making her lessons an enjoyable experience. She has flourished under his professional tuition, benefiting from his varied and expert knowledge of the roads, test practises, patience and calmness. Never once, before or after a lesson, did Sabrina seem stressed, even prior to her test, as she felt so well prepared! We were extremely lucky to find him! My younger daughter is now waiting impatiently in the wings….don’t go anywhere Andrew!!”


Ben Lacatus – Haslemere

Hi everyone, my name is Ben Lacatus and recently I have passed my driving exam, and that thanks to Andrew Widgery.

I have tried before, two times, with a different instructor, and every time I have failed to fulfil the expectations of the examiner, but this time was different; I was more prepared, I felt more secure, mainly because I knew the route – Andrew took me there before, so it was a piece of cake.

He is patient and calm, he knows how to explain everything and make it look simple, he keeps a record of all your activity – so he will know exactly where you need more practice, and he will insist practising the manoeuvres that you find more difficult until you master them.”


James Geer – Haslemere

“Andrew Widgery was recommended to me by a friend, and I definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to take his driving license from the first go.”

Having been messed around by several driving schools – cancellations etc. – I first came across ‘A Star Driving School’ via a google search for driving tutors around Haslemere. Having contacted the proprietor, Andrew I was pleased to find him straight forward, pleasant to talk to and very professional, so I decided to undertake a series of lessons with him.

Andrew is a great guy and an excellent, patient instructor. He is very calm, pleasant to talk to and I always felt comfortable with him in the car. I never felt as though he was frustrated with me (even though at times I’m sure he must have been!) and he always put me at ease.

I had a bad experience on my first driving test (with my previous instructor) which knocked my confidence completely, but Andrew very quickly turned this around and enabled me to feel positive and confident on the road again. I found the way that Andrew explained everything was exceptional and am so glad to have been under his supervision. Something that I personally struggled with, was parking, but Andrew developed this skill brilliantly, through the use of reference points and clear, simple instruction.

After a very positive experience, choosing A Star Driving School was definitely the right decision, and as a result I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone who is learning to drive. You won’t regret it!”

Angelo Mikhael – Guildford

(Photo to follow)

“Andrew is a great driving instructor, who is professional and highly experience, which made it easy for me as his student to learn some of the harder parts of driving, such as manoeuvres. As well as his great teaching methods he is also a very pleasant, friendly and funny, so there is a good atmosphere to learn in. Unlike other instructors I have had, Andrew always remains calm and collective which makes the whole experience a whole lot easier. I would give him a 5 Star rating, as I cannot fault him and do not know what else to expect from a driving instructor”


Gareth Behn – East Horsely, Guildford

“I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Andrew, never feeling under pressure or ill at ease. He came highly recommended to me by my cousin, and I was not disappointed; Andrew is cool, calm and collected and explains everything clearly. He does not just prepare you for the test, but also for years of independent driving afterwards. He is also very flexible with lesson times, and communication is excellent. Thanks very much Andrew!”


Calum Syrett of Loxwood

The thing I was worried about most about beginning to drive was that I was going to do something dangerous or embarrassing out on the roads. However Andrew made me feel very relaxed and at ease whilst in the car which resulted in a real boost in confidence, something that I have found vital whilst on the roads. Furthermore, being completely new to cars and driving, I found having my first lesson at Dunsfold aerodrome a great way to start, learning all the basics such as pulling away, stopping, steering, gear changes etc… These skills were soon gradually developed on the roads. Andrew was a great instructor as well as a friendly guy and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for lessons”


Jasper Taylor, Grayswood, Haslemere

“I started with Andrew after two failed attempts and a two year sabbatical from driving. It was evident from the first ten minutes of tuition that I had made the right decision. Andrew is thorough, adaptable to your preferred style of learning and good company. Above all though, it is abundantly clear that Andrew has your best interests and safety at heart. My confidence and ability grew week after week and after ten lessons I passed my test with two minors. It was a pleasure learning with Andrew and I can’t recommend him highly enough”.


Sam Cullen of West End Village

‘Andrew is a great instructor, very patient and is extremely committed to you passing. Andrew is also thorough in making sure you are up to a standard that you will always be safe on the road and will adapt his teaching style to suit you. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to any new driver. Your safety is very important to him even offering a free motorway lesson after you have passed.’


Sophie Gore, Milford, Godalming

“I was very excited about learning to drive but wanted to make sure that I had an instructor who I felt comfortable with and was not impatient. I did not really know where to start looking until a friend recommended Andrew and said that she had been very happy with his tuition. When the day of my first lesson arrived I was excited but also quite apprehensive. From the minute I got in the car Andrew put me at ease and it was apparent that his teaching methods would suit me very well, he was always positive and made me feel good about my driving. Having spoken to other friends learning to drive with different instructors I realised that Andrew had lots of helpful hints and tips for not only passing my test but making me a safe and considerate driver”.


Izzie Maude – Haslemere

“I was referred onto Andrew from a previous instructor and although my past instructor taught me how to drive, he did not teach me how to pass my test and as soon as a got in the car with Andrew I could see the difference in his teaching, in how thorough he was and how much more he new about the field. Even his knowledge on every single test route and all the roads near the centre filled me with confidence, as being knocked back twice I was extremely nervous with a lot of pressure on my shoulders for the test which he got me through with zero minors which proved what an amazing instructor he is. I really felt comfortable with Andrew and he was so easy to get along with, I found the main difference for me was that he really cared that I passed and really knew how much it meant to me and seemed to be genuinely rooting for me for my test which made the world of difference as it was a much more personal experience. I would definitely recommend Andrew to any of my friends as I think he will get you through the test much faster and you won’t just pass the test but be a better and more confident driver. I now feel completely ready and prepared for driving; thank you Andrew!”

Charlotte Maude – Haslemere, (a mother’s perspective)

“Andrew took on my daughter Izzie after she’d failed for the 2nd time with another instructor. From the word go it was clear that the reason she’d failed was because she just hadn’t been prepared properly. She came back from her first lesson with Andrew full of all the new things she’d learnt and really enthused about ‘relearning’ how to drive properly – her confidence having been severely dented by 2 fails. But what came over to me most, as a parent, was that Andrew wasn’t just teaching her to drive. He was also teaching her how to pass the test, but most importantly, he was teaching her how to drive SAFELY which, as a parent, is all you really want.

This is more than backed up by the fact that he very generously offers every pupil who passes a free 2 hour lesson on motorway driving – surely worth its weight in gold. As a father of 4 girls, I felt he more than understood how to get through to teenagers and Izzie really looked forward to her lessons with him as a result.

But the proof of the pudding came last week when, thanks to Andrew, Izzie flew through her test without a single mistake for her driving – apparently a rarity.

I just wish we’d found him when she first turned 17 and hadn’t wasted our money on poor instructors who not only couldn’t teach properly but also just didn’t really care about their pupils.

I’ll definitely be using him for my two younger boys – I really couldn’t recommend him highly enough. An enormous Thank-you Andrew!”


Sophie Clements – Guildford

“Having been transferred to Andrew from another driving instructor, followed by a long break from driving, I was slightly apprehensive. However, Andrew quickly put me at ease and made things seem so much simpler. He was always patient, even when I needed things explaining several times or kept making the same mistakes! His calm nature and good sense of humour always put me at ease whilst building my confidence.

Andrew was very accommodating to fit around my work schedule and most importantly was reliable, starting lessons on time and making full use of the 2 hour lessons.”


Maddy McKinnon of Woking

“Andrew is a great driving instructor. His patience was outstanding throughout all of my lessons and he was understanding of my schedule and always willing to recap on things he had taught me several times before. Having no previous lessons or knowledge of driving, Andrew made me feel very comfortable and his encouragement helped my confidence to grow; allowing me to become a good driver. The methods he used to teach me to drive were simple and very effective, teaching me not only so I could pass my test but to be equipped with the knowledge to continue to be a safe driver on the roads. I had a wonderful experience with Andrew as my driving instructor as he cares for ever one of his pupils and I would recommend him to anyone.”


Stephen Hobson of Effingham

“Andrew was highly recommended to me by my previous teacher who was taken ill and unable to see me through my lessons. I can imagine that learning to drive can be a stressful and tense experience however, with Andrew in the passenger seat, I looked forward to and enjoyed every lesson. His calm and quiet manner is just what you need when learning a new skill and I feel that I learned a huge amount from him. I’m thoroughly enjoying my new found independence having passed my test – thank you Andrew for preparing me so thoroughly. I have passed your name on to friends and family.”


Rachel Lismore Burns of Guildford

“I was very nervous before learning to drive but actually really loved learning with Andrew. He is a very good teacher and was always patient with me whilst I was getting to grips with everything. As any learner driver will tell you, there are times when it may be quite stressful but Andrew was wonderful at calming me down and talking me through everything. I am very glad that I learnt with Andrew as I feel I am a confident driver now and have a very positive attitude towards driving.”

Hilary Bates of Slindfold -(a parent’s perspective)


“Releasing your baby onto the roads to hurtle along in a small tin can amongst the worlds mad bad drivers is a rather scary thing! My daughter Charlotte had a great start, learning to handle a car very well at Mercedes World on and off since she was 14. However, getting on the roads was a very different matter. I hadn’t quite realised that it’s one thing to be able to ‘drive’ but quite another to be able to handle everything that goes on around you on real roads. We confidently thought ‘a few lessons to learn how to actually pass the test, and some practice will be all she needs‘. We found an instructor, and within a couple of months she took her test. She failed.

Turns out she had no problem handling and driving the car, but actually she’d not been shown how to be safe. Her confidence was at rock bottom, and I wondered if she’d ever feel happy to get in the car again! Then we found Andrew! Within in minutes he had reassured her and built up her self confidence again, quickly resolved the few issues she had, and I can confidently say enabled her to become a SAFE driver.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew – he knows the difference between enabling you to just pass the test and being a safe and confident driver. He produced the latter. Thank you!”

Jacky Davis of Bagshot – Do you accept testimonials from parents!!


“He should call himself St Andrew, as a worried parent entrusting my daughter to hit the roads was always going to be a stressful time.

But what can I say that hasn’t already been mentioned before, Andrew was a lifesaver, his calm and thorough approach enabled my normally shy child to embrace driving positively and encouraged her when like most children they have a ‘blip’ lesson to refocus and rise to the challenge.

One of A*’s major strengths was the feedback both verbal and via email . It gave us as parents the ability to understand the processes and also acknowledge what stages she was at and what to practice.

Now she has passed, her independence and confidence behind the wheel has blossomed; we couldn’t have got there without Andrew, he had a true bond with her and appreciated her character. His encouragement was outstanding and I would recommend him to everyone.!!!”


Elena Baker of Guildford

“‘Thank you very much Andrew, you are an excellent and very patient teacher. Being Russian, the road regulations are different here and you helped me develop the skills required for these new situations. You communicated all of the instructions clearly and always made the lessons interesting and fun’. Mark Baker added “ I would also like to thank you; Elena always looked forward to her lessons and was very pleased with your style of teaching. I really think she misses her lessons now!”


Andrew Farley of Guildford

“I had been learning to drive with my parents for a few months before I started having lessons with Andrew, but he was very quick to assess the level I was at and then decide the best way to further my driving ability. He was very calm and reassuring at all times, and gave me the confidence to pass my test first time after just 20 hours of lessons. He was very easy to contact and extremely flexible with lesson times, which made it even easier for me to fit around my other commitments. I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew, as he was an excellent driving instructor.”

Lara Murphy of Woking.

Having struggled with driving to begin with I then had Andrew Widgery as my new instructor; he has great patience and a great sense of humour always making sure you are happy with what you have learnt and fully understand everything. He is able to build up a great rapport with individuals which can make stressful times in the car a lot easier as it can turn into a laugh. He gives great support and helps you to feel confident in what you are doing which makes driving a lot easier when someone else believes you have the skills to succeed. I would recommend this lovely gentleman to anyone learning to drive whether starting from scratch or have had previous instructors; if Andrew can’t help you pass your test no one can, you couldn’t find a better instructor if you tried! It was a total pleasure to have been taught by such an enthusiastic and lovely individual.

Christina Axson Johnson of St Catherines School

Andrew was the most fantastic instructor, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is very calm and supportive, and makes sure the student fully understands instructions that have been given. I could easily book lessons which would fit around my timetable, and getting in contact with Andrew was fast and never a problem. I cannot thank him enough for making me the driver I am today and to have passed my test without a single fault. He definitely is a 10 out of 10.

Kimberley Hecken of Knaphill.

I had previously begun my driving lesson with a different company, However it wasn’t working out for me so I joined Andrew who became my instructor. He made learning to drive a lot simpler then the last company I was with; it was by far the best thing I’d done.

Andrew took me under his wing and within 11 weeks he was building my confidence up with every lesson, made me understand how to remain safe behind the wheel. He was very patient, friendly, flexible and had a very positive approach that enable me to pass my test with 2 minors. Many thanks Andrew I couldn’t have done it with out you.

Milly (Melinda) O’Neil of Guildford

I came to Andrew after my first instructor left to pursue a different career. Initially I chose Andrew as the hourly rate was very competitive. I started having lessons with Andrew at a difficult time in my life. For this, he showed great sensitivity and patience which was essential to building a good working relationship.

Andrew demonstrated the patience of a saint with me! Having already had lessons before coming to him, I had to re-learn a couple of things, which took time but are now firmly installed! He was quick to work out when I was frustrated and was able to keep the belief that I could pass my test when I was feeling defeated. This was invaluable as I wanted to give up many times.

I believe Andrew and I had a good rapport. This was important as it allowed us to laugh at times, which was important to me as it led to a relaxing lesson, rather than something tense and stressful.

His attention to detail was excellent and his knowledge around driving was very sound. He was able to answer all my questions, explaining them until I understood them fully. Due to working shift work, Andrew also showed flexibility with me in arranging lessons; this was invaluable when it came to my test date.

I am now driving and feel pretty confident about it. This is due largely to Andrew being a conscientious instructor. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a Driving Instructor.

Edward Hewett of Lodsworth

Brilliant teacher, very calm and most importantly got me through first time in only 3 months. Thanks so much would definitely recommend

Aimee West of Portsmouth

From my first refresher lesson Andrew was a very understanding instructor whilst continuously maintaining a professional manner but with a friendly approach that instantly put me at ease. I was extremely nervous as had not driven in over four years but after four refresher lessons I felt my confidence grow and I felt that I had come on leaps and bounds with my driving.  I now have my first car and after a few times out and about with my husband feel very happy being on the roads!

Tara Gurung of Guildford

I am very pleased that Andrew was my instructor. He is a very patient and calm person which makes learning experience more rewarding. Due to his encouragement and his confidence in me I passed my Driving Test in the very first attempt. I would definitely recommend to one and all Andrew!

Ria Willoughby of Guildford

My driving instructor Andrew was brilliant and he made me find belief in myself that I could drive. I was so nervous before each lesson, but he would make me feel at ease. I had never driven before so when I look back, I can’t believe how far I came in such a short space of time. Knowing that Andrew was there supporting me and showing me how to be a good, safe, confident driver made me improve each lesson. I am over the moon that I passed first time and I know I couldn’t have done that without Andrew. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend Andrew again!

Lydia Matthews of Haslemere

Andrew was invaluable to me when I was learning to drive. I came from another driving school and was very nervous and unconfident about driving lessons and driving in general. Andrew had a positive attitude and was very patient which made me feel confident on the roads and made me really enjoy driving.

The lessons were done in a relaxed atmosphere which was very beneficial and they were also very informative which made me feel like I knew what to do in every situation.

I would definitely recommend Andrew to all my friends and other people learning to drive, thank you!

Rebecca Murphy of Woking

Andrew is an excellent driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone. I learnt so much in a short amount of time and have just passed my driving test within about a month of having a 2 hour lesson a week with Andrew. He is such a nice person, really cares about his students and always has their best interest at heart; he went out of his way so I could finish my driving lesson at college and pick me up for my lessons wherever was most convenient for me. I had another instructor before Andrew for 3 lessons and am so glad I changed I would not have passed without him. Best instructor ever! Thank you so much for everything!

Lauren Stone of Haslemere

I had been learning to drive for the past 9 months, but after 3 failed tests I decided I needed a new instructor.
Once Andrew started teaching me my confidence grew, my driving improved considerably and I finally passed 4th time with only 2 minors!
Andrew is a fantastic driving instructor who is calm, patient and extremely thorough.
I can’t thank him enough!

Tierney Oliver of Chiddingfold

Andrew has been a fantastic instructor. He’s made learning to drive an incredibly unstressful and enjoyable experience, allowing me to pass first time and be a confident and competent driver. Andrew was very reassuring at the beginning when things were difficult and made the learning process fun. He was very flexible with lesson times, really doing everything to best suit me. All in all, Andrew has been the perfect instructor who got me to pass in just 5 weeks.