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Customer review

Nicki Andrews of Headley near Hindhead

Nicki wrote, “I sat my driving test once when I was younger with a different instructor and failed. 4 years later when I began lessons again with you – straight away you built my confidence up and believed my capability immediately! I felt that my previous instructor wasted a lot of my time, but with you it never seemed like you were trying to prolong my lessons to make more money – you genuinely wanted me to progress as quickly as possible and pass my test! I also believe that you weren’t just teaching me to pass my test which I believe to be a lot of instructors aim. You were teaching me the skills that I would need to drive alone once I’d passed! You never once doubted whether I would pass even though I did! I have always suffered from nerves and I thought my nerves would get the better of me and I would fail on the day! However, even though I was as nervous as I can ever remember being; with everything that you’d taught me and your calm reassurance I still managed to get through it and pass!”

This has genuinely made such a difference to my life being able to drive. I know it sounds cheesy but I am so much happier and I am able to do so much more now! I am so grateful Andrew thank you for everything I don’t think I could have done it without you!”