Intensive Courses

For those that have limited time but want a rapid accelerated program leading up to the practical test, A Star Driving School have just the course for you at £40/hour. Minimum lesson time 2 hours with a 3 hour break between lessons means two lessons per day can be offered subject to available time.
Such courses are never recommended for the novice as insufficient experience can be gained in just a few hours without putting the new driver and other road users at risk when driving on their own.
Such a course relies upon having a certain base already established on which to build on or one that can be reactivated, improved and honed.
Up to-date ways of teaching manoeuvres vital for the practical test are essential even when you think you can drive well from A to B; that’s taken by the examiners as a given, but its when you have to demonstrate control of the car reversing showing excellent control and observations that often can let down candidates.