Farnborough driving lessons

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Kevin has lived in the area for many years so he knows the roads very well and the test routes too, not that we keep just to those roads as when you pass your test, you will need to be well equipped to deal with any roads and different traffic conditions. His 30 years of experience speaks for itself!

Here is what some of our Farnborough area pupils have said about our instruction after passing their practical driving test

Ria Das of Farnborough

I am one of those people to whom driving does NOT come naturally so it took me quite a while to learn the basic ‘motor skills’. Also I had to take a lot breaks in between due to overseas biz travel and other obligations. Andrew has been so patient with me all this while, not just teaching me the techniques for the manoeuvres but also helping me build my confidence in handling the car.

I have now passed the test with just 3 minors and am so happy with the result. The most important achievement for me is that I feel confident in the driver’s seat 🙂
I would recommend Andrew without any hesitation to anyone who wants to learn driving as an essential life skill and not just to pass the test.

Jacky Davis of Bagshot – Do you accept testimonials from parents!!

He should call himself St Andrew, as a worried parent entrusting my daughter to hit the roads was always going to be a stressful time.

But what can I say that hasn’t already been mentioned before, Andrew was a lifesaver, his calm and thorough approach enabled my normally shy child to embrace driving positively and encouraged her when like most children they have a ‘blip’ lesson to refocus and rise to the challenge.

One of A*’s major strengths was the feedback both verbal and via email . It gave us as parents the ability to understand the processes and also acknowledge what stages she was at and what to practice.

Now she has passed, her independence and confidence behind the wheel has blossomed;  we couldn’t have got there without Andrew, he had a true bond with her and appreciated her character. His encouragement was outstanding and I would recommend him to everyone.!!!

Charlotte Lennox of Bagshot

Over a period of 6 months, Andrew took me from being a complete novice to passing my driving test first time with just 4 minors and giving me the confidence in my skills to drive on a Motorway a few days after passing my test.

The freedom I’ve achieved from driving has made a huge difference to my day to day life. Thank you to Andrew for helping me through this journey.